What is a doula?

Doulas are experts in pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period who help you achieve better birth outcomes for your family:

Powerful and effective pain management

Labor pains are no joke. Doulas have ✨magic hands✨ and on-the-spot strategies and techniques to actually reduce your pain so effectively, you'll be calling her your epi-doula 😇 1 2 4 5 8

Faster, easier labors

Doulas help you feel safe and comfortable during labor so your body progresses more quickly and you can meet your baby sooner! 1 2 4 5 8

Reduced interventions, including cesareans

Cesareans are life-saving procedures when necessary, and yet it's been estimated that about half of the c-sections performed in the US are medically unnecessary 9. Doulas reduce interventions and help avoid the slippery slope that often ends in an unnecessary c-section. 1 2 4 5

Healthier babies

Talk about a game changer. Doulas actually lower the chances of your baby having to go to the NICU5. Additionally, when each baby is born, they get a little report card (APGAR score) to assess their vital signs, and doulas have been shown to help increase baby's scores 1 2. Harvard, here we come 🤓

Less anxiety and depression

Mental health is so important, especially during pregnancy and the fourth trimester. People who hire doulas report a higher satisfaction level with their overall birth experience 1 2 6 8 including lower levels of anxiety and depression 8.

Better breastfeeding and postpartum experiences

When doulas attend births, we see higher rates of breastfeeding initiation 6 8 and exclusive breastfeeding 8, and, compared with families who don't use doulas, mothers report better bonding with their babies 6 7 🥰

Substantial cost savings

Fewer medications (do you know how much an epidural costs? 👀) + fewer interventions + shortened hospital stays + less chance of postpartum depression + higher rates of successful breastfeeding = more money in your pocket to support your new family 3.


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"You hire a coach when you want to get in shape. You hire an expert to help when you don’t have the tools to go it alone. Why wouldn’t you hire someone to assist you in perhaps one of the most sacred spaces you’ll enter into with your partner? Hiring Jessica not only put me at ease but, perhaps more importantly, helped empower my husband to know how to best assist me."
Olivia, St. Petersburg, FL

Packages and Pricing

Doula at a Distance

(Socially distant, 100% available to you)

📒 Your own Little Black Birthing book

Personal e-file full of exclusive printables, downloads, tips to cope with pregnancy symptoms, checklists, and more! (value $35)

 📩 The Monthly Doula Digest

Monthly email newsletter with articles to read, tips, and support throughout your first, second, third, and fourth trimesters! (value $25)

🩺 Birth Team Check-in

Post-appointment check-ins after every visit with your healthcare provider to make sure we're all on the same page, via Voxer or Marco Polo (value $125)

🧠 Birth and Newborn Training Sessions

Up to 6 hours of Birth Training and Postpartum Prep Classes, in-person or virtual, to go over exactly what to expect (value $585)

📱On-Call Labor Support

On-call from 38 weeks for Virtual Doula Support, day or night, via call, text, or live video chat (value $425)

🤱🏽 Postpartum Success Sessions

Up to 2 In-Person Postpartum Visits (2 hours each) to do light housework, breastfeeding support, and make sure you are doing well mentally, physically, and emotionally (value $175)

🗣 Ask your Doula, Jess!

Unlimited Voxer/Voice Text/Marco Polo (during regular business hours) chat support for those random questions that may pop up along the way (value $375)

Total Value: $1745


Hands-On Doula

Everything in the "Doula from a Distance" package PLUS 100% in-person support during labor, including, but not limited to:

☮️ Curating a calming birth environment that appeals to all senses (lighting, aromatherapy, personal birth music playlist, massage, breath refreshment)

🤷🏽‍♂️ Guiding your partner on how to best support you (showing them where/how to apply pressure, helping them know what to say [or not say!] in the moment), as well as giving them a break to nap, use the restroom, field phone calls/texts to and from family and friends, knowing you will never be left alone

Moment-to-moment strategizing to help labor progress more quickly/less painfully with movement, position changes, hydrotherapy, guided meditations, verbal encouragement, breath flow, mental check-ins, etc.

👯‍♀️ Staying by your side your entire labor, whether 4 hours or 14+ hours, including meeting you at hour home to labor before going to your birthing location

👶🏽 Remaining with you up to two hours after baby is born to make sure you are recovering well and to help with initial latch, if breastfeeding

*Because of the current health climate, some hospitals are not currently allowing more than one support person in the delivery room. If your birthing location is allowing doulas, or if the policies change to allow more than one person in the room, then this option is perfect for you!


Non-refundable deposit required upon hire to hold your place on my calendar and cover the cost of prenatal education and support. Remainder to be paid at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
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(Very Important Questions)
Nope! Midwives are in charge of your medical care, while doulas are hired to give educational support throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum period. Doulas make a great addition to any birth team!

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